Edit existing emails display name?

This may not be the right place to post it but I am hoping there is a way to do this with POSH.

Is there a way to edit the display name shown on existing email in office365? We recently migrated over to office355 and for some reason it messed up the display name of some users where their email is correct but their display name is a different user(someone also apart of the company). This seems to only be an issue with existing email as new emails are coming in showing the correct names. We double checked all settings in office365 have the correct email/display name and there are no aliases or anything. Tried deleting mail and re-importing but it is showing the same issue. This issue exists on The Outlook desktop app and OWA.


Mail from John.Doe@somecompany.com shows the display name as John Person on all emails from migration but new emails are showing the display name as John Doe.

Is there a way to edit email details with power shell or maybe something else?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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