best performance options for Read only mysql access

just to start this out — this is in regards to a c# site that will be hosted on a third party server (the db’s included) so I won’t have access to install additional library’s outside of what I can include in my bin folder.

I have been out of the web development game for awhile but I have kept fairly up to date on my c#.

I’m in the processing of putting together some sites for a friend as I’m tired of watching them pay a ridiculous amount for a poorly hosted and poorly supported WYSIWYG site.

what I’m wondering is the best way to access some table data from a mysql db for read access to minimize any performance hits.

I have an admin panel which I’m using a combination of entity framework and the mysql library to populate data such as updates and News to be displayed on the end user site. These articles have a start and end date and new items can be added or existing items could be updated to make them valid for display again.

so what it comes down to would it be worth caching the data tables at the application level so that page rendering isn’t taking a hit from the db look ups each time a user access them? and if so what is the best way to make sure the application cache is up to date if an admin user goes in and makes changes to the underlying data (this is done from a different site on a sub domain).

I’m not talking about thousands of records so it might be that it’s unrealistic to take this approach I just wanted to explore my options before I take to coding the underlying processes for the pages.

I appreciate anyone’s time and sorry if this is coming across noobish, I’m just more use to desktop application development at the moment.

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