Been working on this for over a month, stuck now. (VB.NET -> JS)

Hey, so I’m working on an unofficial API for the iFunny application. I’ve been working on making it in NodeJS. Now I decompiled the app with APKTool and other tools I found online, but reverse engineering this hash making function is really hard. Now I found someone who had rewritten it in VB.NET. I was hoping someone here could help me understand it/rewrite it. Thanks

Imports System.Text Imports System.Security.Cryptography Public Class Funny Public Shared Function AndroidHash() As String Static r As New Random Dim sb As New StringBuilder For i = 0 To 63 Select Case r.Next(2) Case 0 sb.Append(Chr(r.Next(65, 71))) Case 1 sb.Append(Chr(r.Next(48, 58))) End Select Next sb.Append("_MsOIJ39Q28:") Dim data As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(sb.ToString(0, 64) & ":MsOIJ39Q28:PTDc3H8a)Vi=UYap") Using sha As SHA1 = New SHA1CryptoServiceProvider() For Each b As Byte In sha.ComputeHash(data) sb.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", b) Next End Using Return Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(sb.ToString)) End Function End Class 

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