im sorry this is gonna be a verry basic question and im aware my brain is just fried but im trying to force my self to at least learn a bit even if its slower then i would like my job has me exhausted

so i get how arrays work basically and from what i gather a array is list

String[] name = {“Joe”, “bob”,”greg”}

The above being a array by stating its type in this case string and making a array with [] Name being the variable for the array

and if i wanted to call joe for example i could do somersetting like


but that is just a hardcoded version of it.

my main question is

how do i make it so that it reads a user input and stores it into a the array and how do i get the user to choose from the array/ list?

~ sorry if this is a dumb question im sure it is ~
the code for doing so would be nice and all but i would like a explanation if you can that would be more useful i want to understand it not copy it

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