Uninstall trend, install webroot script, UAC bypass?

Hi there my fellow keyboard smashers, Iv’e stumbled uppon a problem here..

We got 1000+ trend micro officescan on different companies, different machines, different servers that we want to uninstall then install webroot on, via the forum I found this link:


Which absolutely work… with one problem. UAC pops up, what can I do? Is there any way to script a “Accept” or “Yes” command to the UAC promt? Doing this manual would be very time consuming and expensive.

We got Labtech (Automate) which we plan to distrubute the script via, then we got -700 trend clients if it works. Or is it anyway to distrubute it via maybe.. server that will work?

I got a full script, the uninstallation and installation works, with one problem – uac pops up.

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