Noob question, sorry: out of date resources?

Hi guys.

Little info: Software Engineer student, just finished 1st year, 3 years till I grad. Have used Java for class (hate it, sorry) wanted to dip my toe into C#. A quick scan online has identified that C# has underwent several new revamps since 2002, for example C# 7.2 has introduced :

  • Reference semantics with value types
  • Non-trailing named arguments
  • Leading underscores in numeric literals
  • private protected access modifier

Now, I have ebooks for C#, regrettably many are as far as I can see, rather dated, some published in 2002-2006 and I wonder if perhaps I am missing out of hugely essential things, and that I would best be served with a more recent textbook?

I do not mean to be too metaphysical here, but the people Ive queried about this claim that modern is absolutely the way to go, others advise that the fundamentals do not change especially in the face of hype and buzzwords. Regrettably, finding myself siding with both arguments, but wanting to hear from more…senior/experienced people?

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