In need of suggestion!

Hi everyone! I am regular user of this subreddit, like all of you I read news linked by others, various issues and other kind of things. Right now I find myself satisfied in knowledge of C#, but I want to learn more and more in particular language and .NET platform. I am quite young 21 y/o, 2nd year student so I had this part in my life. where WAP games were booming. I recall one game in particular which keeps nostalgia feeling coming up so I decided to develop an web/wap browser game. I am trying to decide which kind of project would fit best and I think ASP.NET Core Web Application. Through development stage I want to learn more about Entity Framework and try out Code First approach, That pretty much sums up what I want to achieve and use. At some point I would like to run this app on server (Linux preferably). What I ask from all you is link me stuff, which help you or give a tip of what I got wrong. Thank you all upfront, this subreddit is amazing, you were part of the reason why I felt in love with C#

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