I need help programmatically opening .rdl file, passing parameter, generating report and exporting in MVC VB.NET

Hey everyone,

I’ve been programming in VB.NET for about 8 years now but have somehow managed to dodge ever using SSRS or .rdl files. I’ve been searching around for solutions but have had no luck. I either don’t know what terms search on or I’m just a bit dim witted.

I’m working on an MVC site that needs to access an .rdl file I created in Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder 3.0. The .rdl file takes on parameter (id) and works fine when I open it in in the report builder. I simply type in the id and a report is generated. Now I’m trying to take that .rdl file and do the following programmatically:

  1. Open the .rdl file.
  2. Pass the id parameter to the .rdl file
  3. generate the report (the user does not need to see the report)
  4. export a docx or pdf version of the report to a folder

I’ve tried downloading ReportViewerForMvc but got nowhere fast. I could really use a little hand holding on this one. Can someone point me to a resource or enlighten me in any way? This is the most lost I’ve been quite some time.

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