Azure Backup Questions

Hello All,

I have been researching Azure backup recently and was hoping someone could answer a couple questions I am having trouble finding answers to.

Firstly, if we are backing up Azure VMs using the Azure IaaS backup method would we be able to restore VM’s into other regions from the geo-replicated storage? The scenario we are imagining is that a whole region goes down. Would we be able to quickly restore the copies elsewhere or would we need to either wait for service to be restored or wait for the Microsoft to perform the failovers to another region?

Secondly, if we are using the Azure Backup Server (MABS) in Azure to backup the servers would we need a second MABS in another region to perform restores in the event of a region outage? Would it make sense to use Azure Site Recovery to replicate MABS to another region? If the MABS was brought up in another region would it be able to restore at all, or not until the MS fails over to the other region and makes the recovery services vault available.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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