Extremely bizarre Fluent Validation behaviour

Using an MVC 5 Database-first project on an extremely old Web Forms database with inappropriate field types (nchar ftw). I am experiencing wildly bizzare Fluent Validation behaviour, with almost no client-side validation working and inconsistent server-side validation working. A full write-up is at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50538392/extremely-bizarre-fluent-validation-behaviour I don’t know if the problems arise from my implementation, or […]

Looking for the right solution to asynchronous content back to asp.net page. Chunked? SignalR? Streaming? Not even sure what I’m looking for.

I’ve got a webapp that when the user clicks submit on a page, we call system.management.automation.powershell in the background. PS has callback functions for the various output streams (errors, warnings, host, etc) that right now queue in memory and the output is then generated at the end. I want the callback functions from the various […]

Command search within Standard User

I’m trying to run the following command with a script powershell executionpolicy bypass -File .grantaccesscode.ps1. Unfortunately the command gives me errors as Powershell was run as an administrator and therefore the sub path to which the script is trying to access is only available as a standard user. How can I run the command as […]