[VB6] Getting the value of many ActiveX CheckBox in Word

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to make a Word macro (as I can see it’s not as fun as in Excel…)

I Have exactly 29 CheckBox via ActiveX on my first document’s page, and would like my macro to check all of them using a loop.

I already used the following technique in Excel (without ActiveX) but can’t find a working variant for Word : (All my checkbox are named CheckBox1 to CheckBox29)

For i = 1 to 29 if Controls("CheckBox" & i).Value then 'things happen End If Next i 

For Word i tried also Shapes, Controls, OLEObjects but was not able to create the desired result, most of the time resulting a 438 error code.

If you have an idea, you’re more than welcome !! 🙂 Thank you

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