Newbie seeking advice on creating a small VB application.

Greetings. I read the request to include which version of VB I’m using in posts. I don’t know, I haven’t downloaded anything yet.

My question is whether VB would be a reasonable programming language to use to create a small, simple application. I’d like to create (essentially) a table with 3 columns: column A – Team name; column B – most recent check-in time; column C – a 30 min. countdown clock to remind us to request a new check-in. Rows in table for 3-5 teams.

I know I can find count-down routines on the internet; I know I can use internet sites to teach myself the rest of what’s needed to create this “application”. I’d definitely be running it on a laptop or desktop computer that uses Windows. Windows version: unknown — I’ve just joined the organization. This “application” would not be running on a website.

VB might not be the most elegant way to do this but I know it’s accessible to me. I’d appreciate any feedback on whether this makes sense and/or suggestions of other software. Thank you in advance for your time in responding.

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