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Hi Guys,

So this question is more for developers/IT based out of India. So I am a Senior .Net developer with 10 Exp during with 6 yrs I spent on dotner and Java based Internet banking products. Recently I have started working on a dotnet based enterprise CMS which was in demand and I needed the moolah/bugs to pay the bills(note : got married)

I am now working in product support ,development of a enterpise LOB webiste build on angular , dotnet core (the latest and greatest) , but I severely confused if this is the place I want to be in. There is also the question of career progression , layoffs, hikes .

I hope you guys could help me what I should do to advance my career ? 1- Should I switch careers and jump ship to Product owner , SCRUM , Machine learning fields. 2- What are my other options in senior .net developer/lead engineer in terms of skills development and growth.

Sorry for the long post. No potato here 🙂

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