Migrating to Bonobo Git Server

I’m working on implementing git as I’ve finally got my team to a point that I’m not the only one writing code. I’ve somewhat familiarized myself with the workings of git, and have installed Bonobo Git Server on one of our boxes. I’ve got a couple of questions regarding workflows though Bonobo in particular. As additional information, I’ve written a PS script for installing/configuring git on the workstations, and as part of it I’ve created a LocalRepo folder in the user’s home drive.

Bonobo seems to only allow a single root repository directory. I’d like to version control scripts in NETLOGON as well. Might a symlink work after creating the repo?

Currently we’ve got a shared drive that’s got a bunch of our random documentation – we’ll call it G:. Eventually, I’d like to version control our SOPs, but currently I’m only targeting PS scripts. I’ve got a GPO set to force the powershell profile to add “G:scriptsModules” to the psmodulepath. The root repository is on a different drive, so should I now point the profile addition to the new repo location, or is there some git workflow I can achieve to keep the modules in the current location, but still version control items from elsewhere?

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