Is this a bad idea for cqrs implementation?

I’m thinking about implement cqrs in a project, but we can’t implement full cqrs because event sourcing is too much for current infrastructure.

We are using Sql Server for db and I want to use Linq2db for data access layer (a lot faster than EF).

My idea is to use stored procedures for the command side and generate views in the database for the query side. Linq2db can create the dbcontext with t4 templates and autocreate create methods for stored procedures and the entities for the views.

I don’t know if this is a bad idea for cqrs infrastructure (we cannot provide 2 databases for commands/queries separation).

And for the code side, I’ve seen some cqrs implementations, but they looks so overcomplicated.

Do you have a better idea for cqrs? Unfortunately, many changes can not be made to the db structure.

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