How to deploy blazor app on Ubuntu server

Hi, Always when I wanted to deploy mvc/razor app on ubuntu server, i was using this tutorial But now I got first blazor project and I cant deploy it this way, instead of one project, it has 3, client, server, and shared, after publishing app i try running sudo -u www-data dotnet /var/webapps/lk2/cv.Client/dist/_framework/_bin/cv.Client.dll So it tells “A fatal error was encountered. The library ‘’ required to execute the application was not found in ‘/var/webapps/lk2/cv.Client/dist/_framework/_bin/’. ” But when I try same with cv.Server instead i got “Error: An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (cv.Server.deps.json) was not found: package: ‘Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore’, version: ‘2.1.1’ path: ‘lib/netstandard1.6/Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore.dll’ This assembly was expected to be in the local runtime store as the application was published using the following target manifest files: aspnetcore-store-2.0.0-linux-x64.xml;aspnetcore-store-2.0.0-osx-x64.xml;aspnetcore-store-2.0.0-win7-x64.xml;aspnetcore-store-2.0.0-win7-x86.xml ” How is it possible to deploy Blazor application in Ubuntu server?

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