Best online training for Azure?


I have recently start working with Azure and so far I’ve been setting up Intune, Information protection and conditional access with success.

My company might move completely to Azure in the near future and I’ll like to be prepared for that. I was wondering where the best online training for Azure is? There’s quite an extensive one at Pluralsight, however it is quite advance and it starts assuming you already have some decent knowledge in many areas.

I usually like to start from a “dummies” level to make sure I’m covering everything and truly understand all the features and climb up my knowledge from there.

Also, any advice to learn and extent my knowledge in other areas? I’ve extensive experience with Windows server 2012 (never deployed it myself tho). Any knowledge you think might be needed or helpful to use and be profcient at Azure, please let me know (e.g virtualization).

Of course, Azure is very extent and I understand this is quite a broad question but I hope I managed to explain my goals well enough 🙂


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