Azure AD connected computers, Help!

Hello, We are setting up some Windows computers and I would like the employees to be able to sign in with a username and password (Office 365 account) and they can use this at any computer in the office, not a specific PC with a personal account. I have connected the computer to our Azure AD but are prompted to create a pin, which I want disabled. Even if we didn’t disable it. The login screen on Windows 10 only shows the last user and if a new employee went to the desk and clicked “Other User” it prompts a password, meaning the employees need to a remember both a password and a pin and just enter whichever one if prompted at the time. Is there something I am missing to just have a group of computers that can be shared and an employee can just walk up to it and login with a set of credentials and start working, without setting up any domain.

I have Office 365 License with Azure and signed up for an Intune free trial, if Intune is the solution I will be willing to get licenses.

TL;DR: How to disable Windows Hello for Buisness on Azure AD/How to setup a shared computer any employee can login to with Office 365 in an office.

Any help appreciated.


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