Advice on how to approach working with a (poor) WCF API?

I’ve been tasked with working on a WCF API from one of my businesses wonderful software vendor (/s, same enterprise software vendor horror story we’ve all heard a thousand times). I’ll be using this to create our own in house business software on top of their core system.

Currently using the automatically generated service files(C#) and while they’re doing the job to QA test they leave a lot to be desired. I’m hoping there may be some better ways to approach this rather than the stack overflow answer of “just use jquery WCF/scv-util”.

  • The software package is split up between multiple services, often sharing logical data types (e.g. an address) that differ in namespace between services.
  • The WSDL doesn’t even go as far as telling us what fields are required, there will be nothing of value lost by not using it.
  • REST support is coming (soontm ) and I would like a unified data model that could work with both request formats.
  • Similarly I would like to use models as/alongside data access objects for our own internal storage.
  • I would like to enhance these models to provide easier usage and apply our own business logic. (e.g. we have some document metadata with meaningless numeric identifiers that I want to abstract for our own sanity).

I’m looking into ways to just serialize classes to SOAP packets but with the way the documentation keeps circling around it seems this is considered bad practice.

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation or have some ideas on ways I could approach this? I’ll admit this ecosystem is fairly new to me so I may be missing something significant that could be hugely helpful.

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