Moving Active Directory services to Azure question

Hi, first, I’m very new to Azure. I have at home an homelab, I have Server 2012 r2 running a Domain Controler with a few users and a dns server for all my internal adresses. It’s all running on a old DL380 g5. This shit is so noisy that I just can’t stand it anymore! Plus, the future is the cloud so I might as well do a project with this.

I started reading about Azure AD, and play with it but it seems to be something completely different from an on-premise Active Directory that I’m use to. At home, a full flange active directory seem to be an overkill for just a few users and services. I was under the impression that I could just use the same services in Azure, I’m sure it possible to setup a simple AD just to setup user and group management so I don’t have to setup user on every machine I have at home or in a small office, to replace on-premises server.

I’m completely lost in all the Azure services. Azure AD seem to be more or less a IAM for services on Azure and I don’t know where to start. I basically need to do user authentification/management in the cloud for my on-premises workstations, is it possible? And move my DNS too?

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