More cross-platform alternative to MassTransit/NServiceBus ?

This might not be the correct subreddit to post this, but does anyone know of any alternatives that offer similar functionality to MassTransit or NServiceBus but are more cross-platform oriented (especially PHP)?


I’m looking to integrate several systems, the biggest part in the middle would be .NET but other systems include mainly PHP. I want all systems loosely coupled, as much as possible. What i’m looking for is a state implementation much like Sagas in MassTransit/NServiceBus, but across multiple systems. Would be nice to have some monitoring tools available too. I’ve been looking around, but not sure what to search for (or can’t find it)


I don’t really want to roll my own messaging infrastructure. For integration it would probably also be helpful if messages are kind of readable (json), so i’m not fond of solutions based on protobuf for examaple. Unless this is completely abstracted away and bindings exist for a lot of languages/platforms.

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