Azure service to simple communicatino


C++ developer here, been a few years since C#ing. Very little knowledge of software communication technologies. I want to stand up a desktop client (written in C#, at first), and have it respond/receive from a cloud based Azure service.

I would imagine I’d have some kind of channel between the C# application and an Azure endpoint. I’m expecting communication from the desktop application to Azure to be light weight, bursty data. The data received would probably want to go into some kind of queue for serving by some Azure service (or maybe I don’t need one?)

And probably the same from the service back to the desktop app.

As you can probably fathom I’m very much a beginner eager to get their toes wet. Can anybody point me to want communication library/technology I should use AND what kind of Azure service I should deploy. Also tutorials would be cool too.

Thanks all

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