[Azure AD] Converting a federated domain to standard, and the authentication token keeps expiring 1 hour in before user conversion can complete.

I’m in the process of switching our Azure AD authentication method from ADFS to passthrough authentication, using Convert-MsolDomainToStandard -DomainName [domain] -SkipUserConversion $false -PasswordFile [pathtofile.txt].

As I (now) understand, the token obtained from modern authentication with the Connect-MSOLService cmdlet only lasts 1 hour. Sure enough, 1 hour after beginning the process, user conversion stops and Powershell spits out a LiveTokenExpiredException. It converts around 2400 users in this time span, but we have easily 30000+ users synced to Azure AD. If I restart the process, it gets a little further because it skips over already-converted users, but it doesn’t make any significant progress.

How do I work around this? I wasn’t aware this would even be a thing since most documentation I read over before starting this process referenced a multi-hour process for thousands of users, but not this token expiration.

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