Need Help with program

Im creating a menu that adds parts of an array into a listview. So far this is what I have I am confused on how to get the button click I have to populate the array with all the parts that have the type attribute I created in the class of “Breakfast”. I am […]

Simplify string parsing?

I’ll get an input that (could) look something like this: (0,1,2)(3,4,5)(6,7,8) (The numbers can be anything from 0-9) I’ve done something like: string[] splitParts = input.Split(new char[] { ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘[‘, ‘]’, ‘{‘, ‘}’ }, 4, System.StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries); bool[] bools = new bool[9]; float[] floats = new float[9]; string[] firstPart = splitParts[0].Split(new char[] { ‘,’ }, […]

Here’s a small script for any of you WDS/MDT wizards out there

Going by the age old motto of “Once you’re totally sick of doing something manually, script it!” I wrote the below ### Update Deployment Share ### # Import MDT Toolkit Import-Module “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Deployment ToolkitbinMicrosoftDeploymentToolkit.psd1” # Get all exisiting boot images and remove them Get-WdsBootImage | Remove-WdsBootImage # Loop through all deployment shares in “D:Deployment […]