Azure AD SAML to Shibboleth SP

Hi everyone — I apologize in advance for having to ask this, but rest assured I have spent hours reading over the various online docs and while I’m super close, I’m not quite there. I have just recently migrated my organization from a self-hosted SAML IdP to Azure AD. All of the third party services […]

Export-Csv a variable from ForEach-Object

I have a list of user IDs that I want to verify exist in AD. If I just view the output it works well but if I use Export-Csv I get some weird text like: TYPE System.String PSPath”,”PSParentPath”,”PSChildName”,”PSDrive”,”PSProvider”,”ReadCount”,”Length” “C:Usersedwinlist.txt”,”C:Usersedwin”,”list.txt”,”C”,”Microsoft.PowerShell.CoreFileSystem”,”1″,”8″ # This works Get-Content .list.txt | ForEach-Object { if (dsquery user -samid $_){$_} } # This […]

Windows 10 Version (not Build)

Hi All, I need to pull the version of Windows 10 installed, not the build. When I run [System.Environment]::OSVersion or Get-ADComputer … OperatingSystemVersion I always get the build number not the 4 digit version, ex 1506, 1703,1710 etc To clarify, the number next to version in Settings —> About Thanks for any assistance, physically logging […]