SQLite, Visual Studio 2017, x64. Please confirm the error is not on my side!

Hi folks,

I am dabbling with SQLite, would like to get a bit of experience with (preferably install free, file based) SQL databases, LINQ to SQL, EF.

I have an x64 machine running Win 7 x64 and Visual Studio. I set up a VS project with:

-System.Data.SQLite (with sub packages .Core, .EF6, .LINQ) added from NuGet

-Entity Framework on 6.2

Beside that, I have downloaded and installed the x86 version of SQLite bundle http://system.data.sqlite.org/downloads/ from the official site (x64 didnt work either). When installing I have selected via checkbox to install design time tools to Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio 2017 “Extension and Updates” menu the SQLite/ SQL Server Compact Toolbox from ErikEj is enabled.

No my problem is, that after I have created an SQLite database and I want to add ADO.NET Entity Data Model (Project -> Add new Item -> Data -> ADO.NET Entity Data Model…) my SQLite database connection is not shown.

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