Should i learn C# ?

Hello, so i used to be a Delphi programmer, then moved to Java because of the university, i like to create GUI apps, and Java seems to a be a bit complicated in that sense(the jTable component is a pain in the a**), not only that, but i find the fact that i have to create an Object for everything pretty boring… So i’ve been reading, and and C# seem to be pretty good choices, but i also read that VB is not worth learning, but C# is, so im just wondering if i should learn C# for GUI apps in Windows?, is there a better alternative?, i thought about C++ but i think C++ is just way too complicated and it would take longer to learn… My main worry with C# is that it depends on the .net framework, and im guessing not every computer has it (unlike the Java vm that almost 80% of pc’s in the world have it). So, what do you think?

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