Anyone here work with Google Drive? How does it know where to derive the proper drive url?

Might be a stupid question, I apologize–never dealt with any sort of web-based uploading services before. Implementing an ability to upload to Google Drive, using this tutorial here: So it has the authorization credits, sure. But how does it know what google drive to upload to? Does it derive it from the key? Take, […]

(Export-excel/csv) Variable with date that adds one week for each new line

I’m trying to make a script that has a variable with this data: PS L:B_DIR_BOD_OD9_IT9_07_ServicedeskScriptsPowershellIn ontwikkeling> $Global:selectedline ResourceReservationID : 65391 ResourceID : 8 ReservationDateTimeFrom : 16/06/2016 14:00:00 ReservationDateTimeTill : 16/06/2016 15:00:00 RequestedByName : Frederickx Niels (Persnr: 2573 – Telnr: 700) RequestedByEmail : RequestedByIP : ReservationStatus : Goedgekeurd Budgetnummer : 107 GewensteModaliteiten : AantalPersonen […]

Class library references in API Project not found in Docker

I’m getting this error: warning MSB3202: The project file “C:Bonus.DomainBonus.Domain.csproj” was not found. [C:appBonus.API.csproj] This is not the path to my class library. Before I go further I want to share I am using Microsoft’s eShopOnContainers as my reference while building my project. The path that docker uses to find the class library is the […]