Azure Server 2016 license question

I know I can’t be the only one at least slightly confused about Microsoft server licensing. I want to spin up a 2016 server, but want to buy a 2016 license from some place like CDW and then use the Azure Hybrid Benefit to save in the long run. I was told by a MS rep I would need qty 8 of the 2 core 2016 licenses, which is about $1373 total and you can pay it over 3 years.

Looking on CDW’s site there are tons of “2016 licenses” and I’m really not sure which one to get to be sure it’d work in Azure, or if I should just buy it for the $1373 from MS. I called CDW and they were being idiots about Azure, didn’t know anything about it, kept asking what hardware the license would be installed on. I mean I realize the Azure “cloud” runs on hardware obviously, but it’s not something you have access to directly, but CDW was asking what host I was going to run it on as if it was Vcenter or something.

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