import-module remotedesktop remotely

I am trying to do something I feel should be simple but coming up against a barrier in everything I’ve tried. We have a RemoteApp deployment. I want to run a job every morning to check if “NewConnectionAllowed” is true or false on each host. import-module remotedesktop $collection = get-rdsessioncollection $collection | foreach-object {get-rdsessionhost -collectionname […]

Does anyone know how to use invoke-restmethod / reddit api / json to get images from reddit?

I’m running this: $sub = ‘villageporn’ Invoke-RestMethod$sub/top/.json -Method Get -Body @{limit=’25’} | % {$} | ? {$_ -match ‘.jpe?g$’} but i only get back one result, whereas if i run on this sub: $sub = ‘earthporn’ Invoke-RestMethod$sub/top/.json -Method Get -Body @{limit=’25’} | % {$} | ? {$_ -match ‘.jpe?g$’} i get what I’m […]

Enable-Bitlocker Issues

I have devices that are not domain joined and need encrypted via Bitlocker. The devices have a USB plugged in that if not present, will not boot. I can get that working with what I have, however I cannot get the .txt recovery file saved. Ideally this file would be saved in sharebitlockerkeys$deviceSN, but there […]