C# ODBC Connection works on Win10 but not on Win7

I have an application to read and write data to a Paradox database while the Main Program of the Databases is running. I have got Problems before with the MS Paradox Driver. Now with this driver everything works fine and I can work simultaneously on the Database. My Problem is this only works with Windows 10. With Win7 I get an Error when trying to open the Database (SQLAllocHandle error). If I close the Main Program the driver works. I tried to access the Database with a Windows Service and that works on Win7 I can access the Data while the Main Program is open.

I tried opening the Application with Adminrights and start it with Psexec System acc. Always the same error when Main Program is open. Does anyone know whats the difference there between Win7 and Win10? Both 64 Bit.

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