Workaround – Visual Studio is crashing for me today

Visual Studio (2013 in my case) keeps crashing whilst I try to launch it today – it’s crashing on multiple machines across multiple sites, so it’s not just a “me only” issue. VS seems to be crashing whilst loading its usual news feed. It seems that even double-clicking a Solution in File Explorer doesn’t bypass this either, despite the fact that it arguably shouldn’t be loading its news feed under these circumstances.

I’ve got two fixes:

1) Temporarily disable Internet Access whilst you load up your Solution/Project. 2) Add the following into C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts (you’ll need admin rights):

You’ll likely want to remove that “fix” once Microsoft resolve their issue.

Bizarrely, with that block in place, it seems to get its news from elsewhere…

I hope this helps someone,


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