System.ArgumentException: ‘Expected id member not found, The value is not null so why do I get this error?

Im trying to pass an id from a Easy table to a Delete method to remove the item from the table. The id is bind to a button tag and then send when clicked. I used the debugger to see of string Id(drillId) holding the id is null and it isnt? yet im getting a System.ArgumentException: ‘Expected id member not found?

Where im getting the error:

private async void DelButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { String drillId = (String)((Button)sender).Tag; await ctv.combatDrillsTable.DeleteDrillAsync(drillId); } 

The XAML its being bind to:

<Button Tag="{Binding Id}" Content="Delete" Click="DelButton_Click" ></Button> 

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