ASP.NET MVC or Razor?

Hi, I am a relatively amateur programmer looking to broaden my web development skills by learning a new framework, previously I have only developed in PHP without any frameworks. Since I have used C# in the past for things such as Unity I feel more comfortable learning ASP.NET rather than a JS framework. After doing […]

24h challenge for developers

Hi, Almost a Year ago i have changed job: from .NET(and some pytjon) to PHP(and some golang). Right now I wanted to remember how to code in dotnet and have done a private 24H hackaton. What I was able to accomplish is here: Think, it is a good oportunity to increase amount of useful […]

Access last footer using EPPlus

I created an Excel sheet with EPPlus and used worksheet.HeaderFooter.FirstHeader to print a title text in the header of the very first page. Now I want to print something in the footer of the very last page. How do I access that? The only things I can find are HeaderFooter.FirstFooter HeaderFooter.OddFooter But the number of […]