.net core 2.0 publish

Hi, My host provider only supports RuntimeFrameworkVersion 1.1 I have been told that i could just publish my .NET core 2.0 web app as a self contained deployment… any guides on how to do this ? I’m using Visual studio 2017 community edition. Normally i would publish to file and upload everything with ftp. submitted […]

Hey guys, I learned C and C++ at university so I have a very basic understanding of coding. I am trying to figure out C# because I heard it’s what’s used to create mobile apps professionally. Is this true, and does anybody know an efficient way to get over the learning curve of mobile app dev?

Learning to code in the formal education system was twice as monotonous, with written tests, and daily homework and I’m excited to try to figure out coding by reading, practicing, and messing around. I would appreciate any structure or materials you could provide me with to help me productively learn. Thanks for taking the time […]

Help me understand the practical reasons to use the “out” keyword.

Hey all, I have written a utility function: public static void SerializeErrorMessage(int ErrorCode, string ErrorMessage, out byte[] Buffer) { object ErrorJson = new { ErrorCode, ErrorMessage }; string Serialized = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(ErrorJson); Buffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Serialized); } I’m wondering why I should/shouldn’t have written it like this instead: public static byte[] SerializeErrorMessage(int ErrorCode, string ErrorMessage) { object […]