I need an explanation.

I’m currently going through Bob Tabor’s MVA C# course and I’ve come across this question that I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around. What will be written to the command window? int userValue = 2; string message = (userValue == 1) ? “boat” : “car”; Console.WriteLine(“{1} – {0}”, userValue, message) ; I know the […]

WPF app design

Hi everyone! So after committing entire summer to code in C# and use WinForm as UI I would love to transfer to WPF. I am more back-end coder and simply as single coder for project cannot afford to spend insane amounts of time just for UI.. I tried to look up for some open source […]

New guy joins the dev team: Creating interfaces for legitimately every single class, not using things like extension methods due to being “hard to test” etc.

Is this considered best practice? For the small amount of code he writes, there seems to be interfaces coming out the wazoo. He doubles the file count while making it tedious to read. In addition, there are methods that would make perfect extensions that we could use throughout the project, but it’s refused and instead, […]