EF Core .NET Command Line Tools vrs EF Migrations tools in ASP.net Core

So I am working through this excellent Asp.net Core 2 book https://www.littleasp.net/book and finding that the EF Core .NET Command Line Tools don’t work. So Update-Database works, but dotnet ef database update doesn’t. Why are there two systems, and why doesn’t one work? Cheers edit: I have added this to the csproj file. <ItemGroup> <DotNetCliToolReference […]

String Splitting

Hello all, I’m trying to parse a long string and get the host names from it, here is an example; [rtsp://admin:admin@][rtsp://admin:admin@][rtmp://][rtsp://admin:admin@] I’ve done various things using .Split(‘[‘); however, it seems like there must be a better way to break this down into 4 strings which I then pass to Uri myUri = new Uri(URL); host […]