Winform UI

Hey there! So I already got fully functional app and stuff. I just a had bit of an idea.. what If I want to change ui? get some more beautiful design or smth. It’s that game changing? would be hard to change the look of app? I mean controls and stuff. To get something more […]

Service fabric certificates understanding

Do service fabric certificates handle both encryption and authentication? Also im having trouble understanding the types. Is this logic correct: server cert for users/servers that need to access the service endpoints? Client cert for updating packages/automation and acessing the cluster admin page? Whats the point of a server certificate if you have a reverse proxy […]

RSS Feed Issue

Hello everyone I’m having an issue where only some RSS feeds are being recognized as legitimate RSS feeds locally and being loaded, while on the server the RSS feeds are not recognized as legitimate and an exception is throw. For example, I have no issues with feeds such as , both locally and on […]