I’m tasked with introducing children to C#. How can I make it interesting?

My company has a Computer Camp each year and this year we are expanding, so they have tasked me with introducing around 15 kids in the ages of 9-14 to C#. So I picked up my first C# book, but only console stuff it was rather boring so I’m afraid they might loose interest.

My supervisor (whom I don’t think have much codeing experience) told me to “make it flashy” and that on the third (and last day) I should let the kids make their own projects based on what they have learnt.

I’m thinking I maybe should make some WPF windows for them so that they can control an image or something like that but I don’t what to confuse them by showing XAML and other stuff that isn’t strictly C#.

(Sorry for bad English, I’m Swedish)

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