I’m out of ideas what to do about this shitty piece of software known as Visual Studio 2017

I already posted about this here, but back then it was more of a rant about how inconvinient it is to work with it. Now, after expressing my displeasure in the title and getting rid of my frustration, I’d like to ask you all for help with solving the problem.

Basically, the new VS is crashing constantly in many different ways. The memory usage easily goes over 1GB and sometimes even closing a tab is enough for it to crash and automatically start restarting. Also, after about 10-20 minutes of using the IDE it starts throwing errors when I try creating a new file (Context Menu > Add > New Item). It throws Insufficient Memory to continue execution of the program and just cloases the New Item dialog. After that it’s only a matter of minutes before the whole app crashes.

What’s weird is this insufficient memory error is also being thrown sometimes when VS uses ~400MB of RAM. Not even close to the limit, if you ask me. Still, it always manages to “fix” that in a few minutes.

What I tried so far:

  • I disabled half of the extensions; I don’t have any custom ones; only those that can be installed from the VS Installer
  • I tried removing custom Item/Project templates I had, I also cleared the VS user data;
  • I tried reinstalling twice, the second time I switched from Community to Enterprise;
  • I updated VS to the latest version;
  • I updated all extensions (for the first time in ages I don’t have any notifications)
  • I checked the ActivityLog.xml file for some details, but there’s nothing there that would be in any way related to it. It’s like VS doesn’t even want to bother logging these errors;
  • I tried submitting a bug report through the VS Feedback thing; I briefly described the problem and recorded about 20 minutes of my VS experience and sent them to MS; it got burried under hundreds of new submissions almost instantly

What else am I supposed to do? Is there anything I didn’t try? It worked fine before, it started crashing maybe a bit over a week ago, I’m not sure. It might’ve started happening after I installed SQL Server Express, but then again, it might not be the case. And I can’t afford uninstalling and reinstalling SQL & VS + the SQL tools.

Did anyone experience something similar? How did you fix it?

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