Finding just the right color!

Using color schemes at the right time can really help your key output pop. Careful to not overuse otherwise it can lose it’s effect. Playing with different foreground and background colors is like mixing paint. So how do I find the right color combination? A for loop of course! $colors = “Black”,”DarkGray”,”Gray”,”White”,”Magenta”,”DarkMagenta”,”DarkBlue”,”Blue”,”DarkCyan”,”Cyan”,”DarkGreen”,”Green”,”DarkYellow”,”Yellow”,”Red”,”DarkRed” foreach($b in $colors){ […]

Need help adding value to arraylist with a dynamic variable name

OK, this is a tricky one, and I am very confused. $name = dynamic value, this is actually extracted from a word doc $valueToAdd = ‘name1′,’name1′,’name2′,’name3′,’name1’ foreach ($value in $valueToAdd) { Say we create an arraylist with a dynamic name: New-Variable -name “var_$name” -value (new-object system.collections.arraylist) Now that we have our variable, we need to […]

Azure AD B2C

Hello, I’m a member of an Azure subscription that has Azure AD. Our main azure AD isn’t B2C enabled. I’d like to have a secondary Azure AD that is B2C, but also have the ability to give members in my original Azure AD an SSO experience and have them in the identity store. Is this […]