Cloud service, Umbraco & NuGet

Hi All,

I’ve been searching everywhere for an answer to my issue but so far I haven’t been successful.

The issue is with an Umbraco (installed via NuGet) backed web project published as a cloud service, the Umbraco package (and some others) is not installed and the fix is to manually do a web deployment once the cloud service has finished deploying.

This works fine until the cloud service is automatically re-deployed by Azure and then the site goes offline until a web deployment occurs.

I’ve tried a post deployment script which doesn’t work as NuGet isn’t installed on the server. Adding the files that get deployed from the NuGet packages defeats the purpose of using NuGet packages, plus the Umbraco folders are quite big and it would end up clogging our repository.

Hoping that someone out there has some advice for next steps?


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