Getting discouraged/stagnant… How did you move forward?

So when I first started Powershell, it was great as it was an alternative to the .bat scripts I was writing! There were more options available, and cool! you can run them on multiple computers using ForEach($computer in $computers){Get-Process}! or Awesome! I can create shortcuts on the desktop, or uninstall multiple programs using a nifty PS script!

Now, I seem to be at a point where I seem to not have any more direction – it is kind of stagnant. I am running basically the same scripts over and over, so I am not getting the practice I need. At my current work place, we do not run on AD yet (we are slowly transitioning), so there is a lot I am missing out on. I would love to use/learn/get more experience, but I am kind of stuck.

From the beginning, what direction(s) did you go while learning Powershell? What else can/should I be doing to expand my knowledge?

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