Tests disappearing from test explorer after adding System.ValueTuple from NuGet.

I’ve run into this weird issue where tests from a Test project in VS2017 are completely removed from the test explorer and I cannot get them to come back until I delete and re-create the project.

I’ve just tested this a couple of times. I add the project, update the framework to 4.6.2, add a .cs file that needs ValueTuple, add System.ValueTuple from NuGet, build the project and all tests from that project get removed from the explorer.

I’ve tried to uninstall System.ValueTuple and remove any test methods that require it to function, but the tests don’t get re-discovered by the text explorer. I’ve also tried removing the System.ValueTuple entry from the packages.config file in the packages element. Unloading and re-loading the project doesn’t work. Cleaning -> building doesn’t work either.

When I try to right click the test method and “Run Tests”, the Output displays “No tests found to run.”

I’m not very advanced in C# and VS so, there’s that. Just thought I’d see if anyone else is having a similar problem.

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