E-book reader in WPF

Hello everyone, For a school project my “client” asked me to create an e-book reader. The reader must implement the following: -Depending on the font size, the number of the words per page must be different -Kindle and Moon+ reader as some kind of a reference -When searching for a certain string in a text I need to make some sort of a transition to that certain page.

FlowDocumentReader is someething that should cover me for almost all of the requests given (except the last one, that’s the one I’m scratching my head about too) there BUT there are two flaws

-If I’m on a page 20 and the string I’m searching for is on a page 19, it will never be found. -If the text is poorly formated in the txt file itself, the pages in the document will look very ugly.

Do you guys have any idea how to solve these 3 issues? Thanks

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