Simple unit test generator

So a couple of weeks ago I create a thread here for feedback on my Roslyn code generator wrapper (can find it here I got a lot of very nice feedback and also a couple of people that asked for examples on why and how you can use code generation.

So I started to work a bit on a “unit test generator” to show how you can use code generation in a fun way:

It’s far from finish and I think you can call it “SetUp generator” more than “unit test generator” right now. So here is how it work:

  1. You select your assembly
  2. The framework will look through your assembly for exported types (that is not static or abstract)
  3. For each type it find it will generate a unit test file
  4. In the unit test file it will generate a set up that that initialize the type by looking at the first constructor of the type.
  5. If the constructor requires any argument it will either mock them, initialize them or set default values.

And well that’s mostly it for now. I tried it on a project from work and it manage to generate at least 700 unit test files that matched the same directory/namespace structur as our regular project.

So if anyone would like to try it or have some funny ideas it would be fun to hear them. I worked on it most as an example at first but it’s actually pretty fun and I think you can do a lot more with it. We also only support MsTest or NUnit as test framework and Moq as mocking framework.

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