Learn by reading -> Looking for good WPF C# applications open source

To progress in my knowledge of C# and WPF, I’m looking for good open source applications where I can read the code and see best practices applied to practical projects.

I’m looking for applications which use:

  • MVVM
  • Tests: How do they integrate into a WPF App (What to test, how to architecture for testing)
  • How apps are composed (Prism, Dependency Injection, Modules…)
  • How database connectors are managed (apps that talk to multiple DBs like Oracle / SQLServer / PostgreSQL)
  • WCF: How are connections list managed, bindings, discovery

The applications I have found for the moment are:
TailBlazer – A modern file tail utility based on Rx.Net which show cases reactive programming and Dynamic Data
SimpleMP – Simple Music Player – SimpleMP – Keeps it simple and plays your music

Do you have any suggestions of good code to read and review?

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