Is ASP.NET in fact worse for projects like small consumer apps than frameworks like Django that are more “hip”?

It seems to me to be somewhat opinionated in favor of churning out enterprise CRUD apps. Am I right, and if so, is that related to the fact that it tends to be less favored by startups and young people?

A question I posted in the /r/cscareerquestions chat thread:

” I’m learning ASP.NET because it seems like everything in NYC is either that or Java, and I’m a noob who really needs a job. But I also want to become a part of the meetup scene, ideally finding some people who want to hack on fun projects with me and making some friendships and contacts in the area. I feel like there might not be a lot of young people looking to make a fun consumer website with ASP.NET, as it doesn’t seem to be a technology designed for that type of person/project. It feels kind of awkward and opinionated in favor of enterprise CRUD apps, and it’s making the development of my simple projects a bit unpleasant.

If anyone has any info or ideas that could help me on that front I would greatly appreciate it. I’m wondering if I should even try to learn a different framework, like Django. “


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