Restore-SqlDatabase: Exclusive access could not be obtained

Currently I have a script for backup and restore jobs on SQL, using a combination of the the SQLPS commands and the SMO objects. Most of the time this works fine, however occasionally I get an error that a database has existing connections and the restore fails. Restore-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance $SQLrestoreconnection -Database $targetDB -BackupFile $sourcefile -RelocateFile […]

Structuring SPA apps

I am relative new to C# and .NET(~6 months experience). I already implemented an MVC/katana cookie app in my day job. I am learning .NET Core/React and I am comfortable enough to start a new side project using them. The problem is that I don’t really know how to glue things together and the documentation […]

Sync-ADObject Error Message

Ok. My google-fu has failed me and I am hoping you all can help out! I have a script with this line in it: Get-ADDomainController -filter * | foreach {Sync-ADObject -object $distinguishedName -source $azureADServer -destination $_.hostname} I have 30 domain controllers and it works beautifully on 29 of them. On the 30th though, I get […]