Need help with a simple script to set multiple environmental values upon presence of a value.


I’m completely new to visual basic. I’m in the process of writing a script for MDT that will be paired with a HTA. My goal is to have the value that’s selected in the HTA trigger the creation and setting of multiple other values.

The HTA is setting a value for the variable “Department” and based upon that I need to have other variables applied.

E.G. If Department= “Accounting” (

Set installapplication0001={123456} Set installapplication0002={1234567} Set installapplication0003={12345678} Set ConfigurationType=”AccountingStaff” ) So there should now be those four variables with their respective values.

There would be multiple groups of different values that would kick in depending upon the value of “Department” at the time of initialization

P.S. Is there a good, free IDE for visual basic where I can run code and insert breaks so that I can verify values similar to Powershell ISE?

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