2016 Retrospection: What have you done with PowerShell this year?

After you’ve thought of your PowerShell resolutions for 2017, think back to 2016 and consider sharing your PowerShell achievements. Did you publish a helpful module or function? Automate a process? Write a blog post or article? Train and motivate your peers? Write a book?

Consider sharing your ideas and materials, these can be quite helpful and provide a bit of motivation. Not required, but if you can link to your PowerShell code on GitHub, PoshCode, PowerShell Gallery, etc., it would help : )

Happy new year!

Curious about how you can use PowerShell? Check out the ideas in previous threads:

To get things started:

  • Wrote or updated a few things, including PSDeploy and PSDepend. Open source code on GitHub, published modules in the gallery
  • Helped kick off and manage the Boston PowerShell User Group, topping off a year of awesome guests with a visit from Jeffrey Snover and Michael Greene
  • Started speaking more via local and remote user groups, podcasts, LISA16, and next year, the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit
  • Was surprised and honored to receive recognition from the community via PowerShell.org and Microsoft

(PowerShell) resolutions:

  • Refocus on writing PowerShell and articles. I think they suit me a bit more than speaking
  • Continue to explore modern IT tools and topics
  • Continue playing with cross platform PowerShell


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